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Nominated for best SoundTrack - CÉSAR


Member of the EFA


Latest News:

01 - 2024

Very excited to start a new film, with director and friend Julie Manoukian. This time we're going full comedy!

10 - 2023

Just finished a TV Serial "La TRIBU" for TF1, directed by Patrick Cassir & Nadine Loisal, produced by Federation Studios & Mother Prod.

01 - 2023

Working on a new movie directed by my friend Julie Manoukian for France Television: Droit de Regard.

09 - 2022

Starting a exciting new film: COCORICO, by Julien Hervé, star. C. Clavier & D. Bourdon.

Exp. Real: Feb 2024.

Music will be recorded at the Ferber Studios in Paris with the Paris Symphonic Orchestra (under the direction of Maestro Gisèle Gerard Tolini).

04 - 2022

Great fun writing and producing the music for Detox (Netflix) by Marie Jardillier. 


11 - 2021

Happy to start working on "Fille de Paysans", a new project with director and friend Julie Manoukian. 

Fille-de-Paysan 2.jpeg

02 - 2021

Proud to be nominated for the 2021 Cesars for Best Original Soundtrack for the movie "Antoinette Dans les Cévennes", directed by Caroline Vignal.

Thank you so much to Elise Luguern, Nicolas Duport, Gisèle Gerard-Tolini and to the wonderful musicians:

Cymbalums: Iurie Morar

Bass: Laurent Vernerey

Banjos: Bertrand Commère

Percussions: Nicolas Montazaud

Harp: Odile Abrell

Caroline Vignal Matei Bratescot Benjamin

01 - 2021

Recording the Band for the Movie "Choeur de Rockers" Soundtrack in the Ferber Studios, Paris.

Bass: Benoit Julliard

Guitars, Keys: Guillaume Zeller

Drums: Yan Goro

Recording: Nicolas Duport


06 - 2020

"Antoinette Dans les Cévennes", directed by Caroline Vignal, is part of the 2020 Cannes Festival's Official Selection.

antoinette dans les Cevennes.jpg

02 - 2020

Just finished recording the score of "Antoinette Dans les Cévennes", directed by Caroline Vignal, in Studios La Seine, Paris.

recording and mixing: Nicolas Duport.


01 - 2020

"Les Vetos", directed by Julie Manoukian is out in theaters. 

Music recorded in the Ferber Studios in Paris.

Great team work with Julie Manoukian, Elise Luguern and Nicolas Duport.

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